The New Standard
in 3D Visualization

Imagine 4D’s flagship visualization product, Station IX™ is a collaborative and interactive display system that allows groups of users to view and interact with high-value content in a headset-free 3D environment.

This unique environment makes it possible to “teleport” a group of users into a highly-realistic virtual world and has been designed to help organizations plan for the future, promote decision-making and minimize risks. Station IX™ is a must for training, sales and project management.

Station IX™ is an impressive 3D environment that needs to be experienced in person to get the full effect. Book a personalized demo at one of our studios.

Station IX™
A Unique & Powerful Visualization Technology

Station IX™ is a proprietary technology developed and patented by Imagine 4D.
Imagine 4D has invested important resources, research and development to design and develop the proprietary Station IX™ environment.

Station IX:
3 Unique Designs to Rent or Buy

Station IX immersive 3D environment by Imagine 4D in wood Station IX immersive 3D environment by Imagine 4D in black Station IX immersive 3D environment by Imagine 4D in grey
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        Imagine 4D strives to make Station IX™ accessible in a variety of markets. Our headset-free, immersive environment can be leased or purchased. From project development to delivery, training and customer support, the Imagine 4D team is with you every step of the way.

        Contact us or book a demo to learn more about our immersive display solutions and our leasing and purchasing options.

        As an Imagine 4D client, an important step will be converting your 3D content to be displayed inside our immersive environment, Station IX™ (e.g. CAD files, 3D models, Building Information Modeling (BIM) content, etc.). To help our customers integrate their content, we have developed software development kits (SDKs) with plug-and-play support.

        If you don’t already have 3D content, our team of strategic content partners can help create the 3D world for you and help you access your business’ full potential.

        Either way, we’re with you every step of the way. You’ll be sure to be impressed when you see your 3D content inside Station IX™.

        Contact us to learn more about our 3D content integration solutions.


        Real Estate

        Join your clients in Station IX™, an immersive showroom designed to explore, share and sell your real estate projects. This unique, collaborative environment enables project walkthroughs & customizations, accelerates the decision-making a process and offers a personalized customer experience in a 3D environment that won’t be forgotten.



        Station IX™ is intended for use in Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training applications and can be an integral part of your operational command center. Our multimmersive environment is ideal for simulation, training and education. Immerse your team in safe, high-pressure scenarios and replicate what they will experience in the field.



        Whether performing actions on complex equipment, enhancing worker knowledge, designing Small Modular Reactors, planning plant outages, or managing fleet operations, Imagine 4D provides a safe and highly realistic immersive display solution and virtual world to get it done right.



        Large infrastructure projects are complex. Station IX™ facilitates the design and reviews of your BIM workflows to increase productivity and minimize project risks. Visualize 3D datasets through unmatched richness and depth of detail in a collaborative environment.

        To achieve immersion, Imagine 4D has designed an optical system that uses curved mirrors and a curved projection screen, which control the shape and location of imagery reflected from these mirrors. This technology it provides optimal 3D imagery and truly fascinating and immersive effects. In addition, it creates a team-friendly, comfortable and headset-free 3D environment that allows multiple users to explore, share and manage their high-value 3D assets efficiently and freely.

        Station IX™ is setting a new standard for immersion and 3D visualization.

        Anyone who has looked at themselves in a mirror has experienced seeing an image of themselves that appears to be located behind the mirror. Those that have looked in a curved mirror may even have noticed that the apparent location of their reflection changes depending on where they look in the mirror (along with their shape). Images that appear behind a mirror are known as virtual images. Reflected Reality™ uses these virtual images and the ways in which the human body perceives the depth of these images to create an actual sense of three dimensions (see figure below).

        Human beings have evolved to not only use multiple depth cues to perceive depth, but to rely on different depth cues depending on how far away an object appears. For objects that are very close to us (within a few feet), human beings perceive depth primarily through physiological cues. For objects very far from us (more than approximately 100 ft.), we perceive depth primarily through psychological cues. At intermediary distances, we use a mixture of the two types of depth cues to determine depth.

        When immersive displays are placed within a few feet from us, the imagery tends to look very flat and two dimensional, as we are using physical depth cues to determine this fairly accurately (i.e. the imagery does not look or feel realistic). By using mirrors, Station IX™ lets viewers feel like they’re viewing objects at an accurate distance. Curved mirrors cause virtual images’ depth to vary depending on the viewer’s position relative to the mirror, which allows the images to be three dimensional and realistic.

        The image below presents this effect.

        Projectors project an image on the curved projection screen that surrounds the interior desk
        The curved mirrors reflect the image on the desk’s curved projection screen
        3D Immersion: Superior 3D image with true depth perception is achieved
        Ability to view 3D content in a headset-free environment. Perfect adaption to the vision decoded by the brain.

        How to Experience Station IX™

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