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Station IX

The most realistic fully immersive display
environment available today

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Mission-ready 3D simulation library
of unmatched quality & versatility.

July 17, 2019

What Are Immersive Media?: An Explanation

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June 27, 2019

Who is Imagine 4D?: Get to Know Us

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June 19, 2019

AIA 2019: Station IX Immerses Las Vegas in Reflected Reality

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Station IX is an example of immersive media Business
May 31, 2019

Reflected Reality: The Station IX Solution

On our website, in our brochures, and in most of our posts, you will see…
Station IX

Incredibly Accurate 3D Immersion

Station IX uses “Reflected Reality” to offer the most realistic fully immersive display environment available today.

The dome environment offers a 280-degree field of view with an unmatched richness and depth of detail to allow viewers to experience a virtual reality environment as they would in real life (everyone that enters is immersed in the same environment).


Innovative Business Implementations

SIMTHETIQ brings training and simulation “ever closer to reality” by providing a mission-ready 3D simulation library of unmatched quality & versatility to government and commercial customers worldwide.  We currently offer over 2,000 model entities and a large number of robust terrain and airports environments to support immediate needs (all are compatible with any Tier-1 image generator / game engine and distributed networking protocol).


Reflected Reality

Station IX uses purpose-built mirrors to deliver the most realistic VR interaction available anywhere.

Truly Immersive

True shared VR (no head-mounted devices needed), but easily complementary to existing VR solutions.

Incredible Visualization

Station IX unique immersive environment enables professionals working with high value 3D content to leverage the full potential of their data.

Innovative Technology

We provide true immersion with depth perception and 3D sound.  Our extensive simulation library works with any image generator or game engine.

Field of View
Different Levels of Stations
The Station IX Impact

Experience true business performance increases

Experience Station IX

A New Way to Increase Performance

Station IX takes you out of the goggles and puts you in a truly immersive environment. Once you experience the environment Imagine 4D can create, you will understand how your team can benefit from reflected reality.

Mission Ready Environments

The difference between reality and reflected reality is minimal. Our environments replicate what your team will see in the field. They will have the distinct advantage of truly knowing what to expect before it's even possible.

Total Architectural Immersion

Visualization is key in presentation. If your team can see and understand what to expect before it happens, success is that much closer.

Completely Customizable Product Showcase

Station IX gives you the ability to showcase your products in a completely customized world. This allows your product to be shown in a way that no product has ever been displayed before.

Industries We Support

Our products will immediately increase your team’s effectiveness. Explore some of the industries we support below.

Simulation and Training

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Defense and Security

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Architecture and Construction

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