Connecting People with Technology

Immersive 3D visualization solutions drive our passion. The use of 3D content and interactive media is growing and brings a multitude of opportunities for businesses. Imagine 4D’s team of experts designs technologies that foster collaboration, build trust and accelerate decision-making in the workplace.

With our cutting-edge expertise in immersion, we dare to challenge the status quo by introducing technological breakthroughs that will help you achieve your business objectives and minimize risks. Discover our latest innovations: Station IX™: The Immersive Experience and our Digital Twin Solutions.

Empowering You With Breakthrough Technologies

Station IX™, developed by Imagine 4D, is a new proprietary technology that allows users to explore, share and manage their high-value 3D assets in a collaborative and interactive environment, without the need for head-mounted displays (HMDs). This unique optical system uses purpose-built mirrors to create an immersive 3D experience with true depth perception.

Station IX™: The Immersive Experience

Station IX™ is a unique display technology in the immersive world. Users are immersed in highly realistic, collaborative virtual experiences and can view 3D content in a headset-free environment. Step inside our unique immersive environment and train, sell, manage and entertain like you’ve never imagined before.

Digital Twin Solutions

Bridging physical and virtual worlds for optimal asset management, minimizing risks and planning for the future. Discover our innovative, immersive technology, Digital Twin solutions for your business.

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Imagine 4D is based in Montreal, Quebec (Canada).

We’d love to have you stop by to experience our Station IX™ immersive technology and our Digital Twin solutions in person. Contact us to book your personalized demonstration. We look forward to hearing from you.