The Most Realistic Multimmersive Experience Possible

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Station IX

Multimmersive Experience – a unique and
collaborative 3D display environment.

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Mission-ready 3D simulation library
of unmatched quality and versatility.

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October 31, 2019

Simthetiq wins MS&T Magazine’s Small Business of the Year

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June 19, 2019

AIA 2019: Station IX Immerses Las Vegas in Reflected Reality

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Station IX is an example of immersive media Business
May 31, 2019

Reflected Reality: The Station IX Solution

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February 22, 2019

L3 Technologies partners with Imagine 4D to deliver Orchid IX

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Station IX

Incredibly Accurate 3D Multimmersion

Imagine seeing and interacting with full-scale 3D content at near-retinal resolution in a collaborative environment—without the need for head-mounted displays.

Station IX uses Reflected Reality to offer the most realistic and multimmersive display environment available today. Station IX offers a 280-degree field-of-view with an unmatched richness and depth of detail to allow viewers to experience a virtual environment as they would in real life.


Immersive and Versatile 3D Content Models

Simthetiq brings training and simulation ever closer to reality by providing a mission-ready 3D simulation library of unmatched quality & versatility to government and commercial customers worldwide. We currently offer over 2,000 model entities and a large number of robust terrain and airports environments to support immediate needs in the defense and civil aviation industries. All models are compatible with any Tier-1 image generator / game engine and distributed networking protocol. 

Multimmersive Experience

A truly unique way to immerse multiple users in a collaborative and interactive environment.

Incredible Visualization

A new way to see, experience and leverage the full potential of your high-value 3D datasets.

Innovative Technology

Station IX combines high-resolution 3D imagery, true depth perception and 3D sound.

Reflected Reality

Powered by Reflected Reality, Station IX allows users to experience 3D content without the need for head-mounted displays.

Station IX Formats
The Station IX Impact

Increased engagement, efficiency & overall performance

Experience Station IX

A New Way to Increase Performance

Station IX takes you out of the goggles and puts you in a truly multimmersive environment. Once you experience the environment Imagine 4D can create, you will understand how your organization can benefit from our proprietary technology: Reflected Reality.

Collaborative Environment

Since headsets are not required to view 3D content inside Station IX, users can easily interact with each other, make eye contact, and read body language. The immersive environment can accommodate up to 15 users.

Interactive and Engaging

Station IX provides real-time visualization, interaction and manipulation of large 3D datasets. Our 3D display enables project walkthroughs, accelerates client decision-making and offers a unique experience that won't be forgotten.

Suitable for High-Value Training

The difference between reality and Reflected Reality is minimal. Our multimmersive environment is ideal for simulation, training and education. Immerse your team in safe, high-pressure scenarios and replicate what they will experience in the field.

Industries We Support

Our products will immediately increase your team’s effectiveness and accelerate your client’s decision-making process. Explore some of the industries we support below.

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Infrastructure & BIM

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Commercial Aviation

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