Bridging Physical and Virtual Worlds
Imagine 4D Develops Impactful Digital Twin solutions

Imagine 4D designs and creates innovative Digital Twin solutions; we aim to bridge the physical and virtual worlds for optimal asset management, to minimize risks and help plan for the future. We offer environments to safely train your team, share live data for proactive decision-making and to better understand and predict issues in order to achieve improved business outcomes. Discover our innovative Digital Twin solutions for your business.

A Digital Twin is a new technology that emulates the physical world. 3D models and environments are merged with sensor data to recreate an enhanced visual representation of a physical asset.

In practice, Digital Twins are used to replicate equipment, facilities, and processes. They have been historically linked to the industrial sector, which is characterized by large investments in physical assets that need to be used efficiently and safely; however, new uses are being proposed in healthcare, urban planning, construction, logistics and transportation. This technology is ideal for many industries that are looking for efficient ways of visualizing, analyzing, maintaining and controlling their high-value assets or projects. The dynamic nature of Digital Twins offers professionals more tools and valuable information than static 3D data models.

There are 4 main functions of Digital Twins: Visualize, Analyze, Maintain and Control. Imagine 4D has mastered 3D visualization. The better you can visualize and understand your 3D assets, the better you can plan for the future, minimize risks and optimize your business’s performance.



Imagine 4D - Main functions of Digital Twin software

Digital Twins allow businesses to make more informed decisions, control costs and improve asset maintenance.
On the technical side, some Digital Twin functionalities include:

  • Easy navigation via key plans to any place in a building or plant
  • Virtual walkthroughs (freely & confined to physical paths)
  • Multiple operator avatars simultaneously with freedom of movement
  • Ability to walk, run, climb (e.g. stairs, ladders), and crouch (e.g. confined spaces)
  • First person and avatar interaction with 3D content
  • Free flight/teleportation (for instructors, fast familiarization, etc.)
  • Glass Models: Look inside equipment and systems
  • Training Modes: Familiarization, Mentoring, Free Play and Examination
Architecture, Engineering & ConstructionLarge infrastructure projects (3D planning and visualization), urban planning, and large construction projects (3D planning and visualization).
Defense & SecurityFamiliarization of surroundings and equipment, LVC training, and operational command centers.
Power GenerationPlant walkthroughs, plant outages planning, content for high impact visitor centers, training, work planning and job briefs.
Real EstateReal estate project walkthroughs, client customizations and sales showroom for real estate projects.

Imagine 4D is proud to work on this innovative technology and help companies understand the power of Digital Twin simulations.


5 Benefits for your Business

  1. Make more informed decisions
  2. Improve asset maintenance with predictive data analytics
  3. Control costs and optimize asset management
  4. Improve training, work planning and job briefs
  5. Sustainability

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