A New Standard For Immersive 3D
Visualization in Your Market

Imagine 4D is the developer of a new standard for 3D data visualization for businesses: Station IX and Grid IX. These innovative tools present 3D environments with accuracy in a multimmersive context and facilitate information visualization for collaborative work. We aim to empower a broad range of markets to sell, train, inform and manage in an impactful way.

Real Estate

Explore, share and sell your real estate projects

Join your clients in Station IX, a multimmersive showroom designed to explore, share and sell your real estate projects. This unique, collaborative environment enables project walkthroughs & customizations, accelerates the decision-making a process and offers a personalized customer experience that won’t be forgotten.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

Design, review and collaborate

Large infrastructure projects are complex. Station IX facilitates the design and reviews of your BIM workflows to increase productivity and minimize project risks. Visualize 3D datasets through unmatched richness and depth of detail in a collaborative environment

Defense & Security

Simulate, train and educate

Station IX is intended for use in Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training applications and can be an integral part of your operational command center. Our multimmersive environment is ideal for simulation, training and education. Immerse your team in safe, high-pressure scenarios and replicate what they will experience in the field.

Power Generation

Enhance knowledge, design, plan and manage

Whether performing actions on complex equipment, enhancing worker knowledge, designing Small Modular Reactors, planning plant outages, or managing fleet operations, Imagine 4D provides a safe and highly realistic virtual world to get it done right.

Commercial Aviation

Train, maintain and familiarize

Compliment your flight simulator solution by using Station IX to train for aircraft maintenance, cabin crew familiarization, or for airport operations. Station IX offers new and innovative ways to learning and allows your crew to be better prepared for tomorrow.