A success. A blur. An amazing learning opportunity. These are just some of the ways that we can describe Imagine 4D’s experience at this year’s American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Conference on Architecture. To learn more about the conference, check out the AIA 2019 theme here.

We brought Station IX all the way from Montreal, Canada to Las Vegas, Nevada on June 6 and 7! In booth 8929, we had the privilege to meet with architects, designers, contractors, and so many other amazing people. We were overwhelmed with excitement by the number of individuals who wanted to step inside Station IX and experience our Reflected Reality technology (seeing 3D content without the need for head-mounted devices or VR goggles!). Want more information about Reflected Reality? Check out this blog post.

A booth picture from AIA 2019 showcasing Station IX

Booth 8929 at the Las Vegas Convention Center was Station IX’s home between June 3-7.

We were also thrilled to get to engage with so many AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) professionals; communicating with people within the industries we serve is key for us to provide the best possible products and services. So a big thank you to everyone who dropped in to see Station IX!

In Case You Missed It

If you couldn’t make it out to Sin City, here is a little recap of all the wonderful things that we got to experience at AIA 2019.

First, the Imagine 4D team set up Station IX at the Las Vegas Convention Center!

Images of Station IX being built at AIA 2019

Setting up Station IX in the Las Vegas Convention Centre

Keep an eye out for our time-lapse video of the entire assembly process coming soon!

After building the dome and calibrating, we got to the most important part: meeting AIA attendees and demoing for them inside of Station IX. We did a variety of demonstrations so that we could show Station IX’s potential, but we still only just scratched the surface.

Our Demonstrations

Running on the Unity game engine, we showcased a stunning New York City loft walkthrough. Viewers were able to see exactly what the unbuilt space would like when constructed. In the architecture and construction industries, the ability to review designs before breaking ground is incredibly cost effective.

Mistakes, unforeseen complications, and overall design change costs can be reduced when viewers can see the finished product before it is made; a client’s imaginative guesswork is a thing of the past with Station IX. Without the need for headwear to view 3D content inside of Station IX, the design and visualization process is made even better than that of standard VR. Collaboration between designers, builders, clients, and stakeholders is paramount to us at Imagine 4D.

3D model of a NYC loft powered by Unity. It was displayed in Station IX at AIA 2019

New York City Loft powered by Unity

For the AIA Expo, we were incredibly lucky to partner with REinVR, Real Estate in Virtual Reality. We ran their Vancouver House 3D content, a unit walkthrough powered by Unreal Engine. It looked amazing! Demo viewers were able to see the rich details of the inside of the condo and to feel like they were physically touring the unit. The picture below is a 3D render and not a real photograph. With the excellent skills of those at REinVR and Station IX’s high-fidelity imagery with near retinal resolution, viewers were able to experience virtual spaces as if they were real. They experienced true immersion.

3D model of a spacious Vancouver home created by REinVR shown in Station IX at AIA 2019

Vancouver House by REinVR

Vancouver house by REinVR powered by Unreal EngineGiving home buyers the opportunity to see and feel a space before it is built is a game changer for the real estate industry. Imagine 4D is honoured that REinVR gave us the chance to be a part of the future of the AEC and real-estate industries. Check out their AIA video below!

Our demos did not stop at lofts and condos, however. AIA attendees were given the chance to experience Imagine 4D’s proprietary Grid environment which included viewing airplane and ship 3D models up close.

They also experienced an airport flyover of the Barcelona Airport, an immersive scene powered by the aXion image generator. This writer may be biased, but the views offered in Station IX of this airport and city are truly a little awe-inspiring.

Our AIA 2019 Goals

While planning for AIA 2019, we made a list of goals that we, as a team, wanted to accomplish. Our main goal was to ensure that we met with as many different people as possible, to learn about them on a human level, and to figure out ways that we could make Station IX better fit with their professional needs. Imagine 4D has worked hard to build Station IX so that it has many applications in the AEC industries:

  • Station IX allows you to present design options to clients in true-to-life walkthroughs and site visits. The truly immersive environment allows you to showcase your products in high-fidelity and strengthen stakeholder engagement. Station IX allows businesses to bring their projects as close as possible to the client’s imagination.
  • Station IX is also a great tool for construction and architecture team meetings. Complex projects can be reviewed collaboratively. Without the need for headsets to view 3D data, team members can make eye contact and can see what everyone is looking at—something not possible with VR goggles. This team collaboration can accelerate the overall project lifecycle and delivery.
  • Experience unbuilt spaces before breaking ground and avoid costly miscommunications. Station IX supports architectural, CAD, and BIM visualizations so that you can design, review, and build better together.

We also know that listening to the feedback of actual architects, engineers, and construction professionals is the way to a symbiotic relationship; collaboration is integral.

To learn more about the relationship between Station IX and AEC, download our brochure.

Imagine 4D’s experience at AIA 2019 was everything we hoped it would be and more. To everyone that visited booth 8929, thank you again.

If you would like to learn more about Station IX and speak to a member of our team, please contact us here.

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