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Station IX: The Multimmersive Experience

Station IX is powered by Reflected RealityTM, a unique technology in the immersive world. Users are immersed in highly realistic, shared virtual experiences and can view 3D content in a headset-free environment. Station IX has been tailored for applications in a variety of markets.

Tailored Applications

Defense & Security

Station IX is intended for use in Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training applications (vehicle operator training, sensor / weapons training, and command and staff training) and adds incredible value to any training application.

High-Value Training

Station IX is the Virtual Reality Classroom of the future. It blends high-resolution 3D imagery on multiple display channels with a high-fidelity sound system to create true immersion (as real as it gets).

Real Estate

Station IX is a multimmersive showroom designed to explore, showcase and sell your real estate projects. This unique, collaborative environment enables property walkthroughs, accelerates client decision-making & offers a personalized experience that won’t be forgotten.

Infrastructure & BIM

Large infrastructure projects are complex. Station IX facilitates the design and reviews of your BIM workflows to increase productivity and minimize project risks. Visualize 3D datasets through unmatched richness and depth of detail in a collaborative environment.

Power Generation

Whether performing actions on complex equipment, enhancing worker knowledge, conceptualizing and designing Small Modular Reactors, planning plant outages or modernizations, monitoring fleet operations, or decommissioning end-of-life plants, Imagine 4D provides a safe and highly realistic virtual world to get it done right.

Multimmersive Workstation

– Supports up to 2 users

– 16′ diameter

– 315 degrees horizontal field-of-view

Multimmersive Theater

– Supports up to 6 users

– 22′ diameter

– 280 degrees horizontal field-of-view

Multimmersive Auditorium

– Supports up to 15 users

– 27′ diameter

– 280 degrees horizontal field-of-view

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