The World's First Truly Immersive
3D Environment



The Innovative Technology that
Started it All

Station IX uses “Reflected Reality” to offer the most realistic fully immersive display environment available today.

The dome environment offers a 280-degree field of view with an unmatched richness and depth of detail to allow viewers to experience a virtual reality environment as they would in real life (everyone that enters is immersed in the same environment).

Station IX Will Immediately Increase
the Effectiveness of Your...

Defense & Security

Station IX is intended for use in Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training applications (vehicle operator training, sensor / weapons training, and command and staff training) and adds incredible value to any training application.

High-Value Training

Station IX is the Virtual Reality Classroom of the future. It blends high-resolution 3D imagery on multiple display channels with a high-fidelity sound system to create true immersion (as real as it gets).

Network Visualized Platform

Explore the future before you build it. Station IX is a fully immersive high-resolution visualization device capable of providing VR tours for luxury real estate or experiences to groups of people without the need for headwear.

Architecture and Construction

Step inside the world’s largest virtual reality headset in order to view large datasets at a glance. Station IX allows you to completely immerse yourself in your data and view high-value 3D content with your own eyes.

Sports and Entertainment

VR in sports and entertainment is providing huge value and differentiation. Station IX enables “shared VR” that is more immersive and realistic that what is the norm today.

Station IX Level 1

Immersive Workstation

– Up to 2 Users

– 14 Feet Diameter

Station IX Level 2

Immersive Theatre

– Up to 6 Users

– 20 Feet Diameter

Station IX Level 3

Immersive Auditorium

– Up to 15 Users

– 25 Feet Diameter

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