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Mission Ready Simulation

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SIMTHETIQ brings training and simulation “ever closer to reality” by providing a mission-ready 3D simulation library of unmatched quality & versatility to government and commercial customers worldwide.  

We currently offer over 2,000 model entities and a large number of robust terrain and airports environments to support immediate needs (all are compatible with any Tier-1 image generator / game engine and distributed networking protocol).

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The SIMTHETIQ X1 Library is the largest repository of non-classified, simulation ready, DIS / HLA compliant 3D models and terrain databases. Interoperable across all game engines and image generators, for distributed and joint training operations.


We deliver high fidelity simulation models in support of full spectrum, joint simulation exercises by exploiting flexible, common sources and open development architectures that are deployed in cutting edge visualisation software and hardware.

Defense and Security

Our content bridges current and future visualisation technologies - as it can be deployed with the same core functionality in flight simulators as well as game engines like Unity, or Unreal. It represents a sound investment as it allows you to deploy content wherever you need.

Architecture and Construction

With over a decade in modeling experience, Simthetiq’s processes and tools are tailored to the demanding requirements of the BIM, architecture, and construction firms. All models are “Mission-Ready”, meaning your team doesn’t spend time on complex integration and focus their efforts where it really counts for your customers.


SIMTHETIQ'S Level D compliant X2 visual system brings a whole new set of expectations to pilot training with outstanding realism, cutting-edge technology, and high performance.

Health and Safety

All models and entities are among the most realistic fidelity available anywhere - immediately improving the realism of any health and safety exercise. We offer software development services that can take an engine like Unity and adapt it to meet any IG certification requirement.


Ever Closer to Reality

Founded in 2005, Simthetiq brings together a team of experienced professionals in the training and simulation field to serve the civil aviation and defense markets. We provide one of the largest mission-ready, simulation entity libraries to major corporations and governments around the world and offer an immersive visual system using our proprietary image generator combined with a library of high-quality airports and 3D models – We bring training ever closer to reality.

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