Within the past week, Imagine 4D launched a special campaign: We are looking to partner with an innovative residential real estate developer in Canada to deploy, for the first time in this particular market sector, the “Station IX Multimmersive Experience™”. The selected developer will benefit from many advantages offered by this partnership, including the opportunity to install a one-of-a-kind visualization experience in its sales showroom and have a portion of the project’s costs covered by a Quebec government grant.

The Real Estate News Exchange (RENX), an online service that provides news, columns and commentary about the Canadian built environment, published an article that takes a deeper look into this unique opportunity for real estate professionals. To do so, RENX conducted a one-on-one interview with Imagine 4D’s marketing director, Johanne Royer.

The article covers insights on how Station IX™ can help accelerate residential sales, facilitate the customer decision-making process, and overall, how it can be a game changer for the real estate industry.

We are thrilled to be featured on RENX’s website and invite you to read the article here. A big thank you to RENX!

Are you planning to launch a residential real estate project in 2021?

If so, we invite you to submit your project to Imagine 4D by filling out the application form. Each project will be considered and we will get in touch to set up a meeting to discuss this initiative and your project in more detail. The deadline to apply is October 30th, 2020. We look forward to collaborating!