Imagine 4D celebrates the fact that our Multimmersive™ display environment, Station IX, is a brand new, first-of-its-kind technology that creates an immersive experience perfectly adapted to the comfort of the human brain. In addition, it brings realism and collaboration to a whole new level from what is currently on the market.

So how is Station IX™ unique in the immersive ecosystem compared to other immersive technologies? It begins with our proprietary solution: Multimmersion™.


Multimmersion: Perfectly designed for the human brain

Multimmersion™ is a breakthrough technology that provides a comfortable, headset-free 3D experience with accurate depth perception.

Imagine 4D has designed an optical system that uses curved mirrors and a curved projection screen which reflect the 3D imagery that the user is seeing and allows them to view 3D data with their own eyes (i.e. without the need for headsets). One of the optical system’s main objectives is to remove all discomfort with viewing 3D data, including the vergence-accommodation conflictAccommodation refers to the contraction of the lens of the eyes to bring an object into focus. Vergence refers to the process of directing both eyes inward toward the same object in order to fuse the two images each eye sees into one seamless image.

Our brain naturally adjusts our accommodation and vergence together based on the perceived distance of the object, and uses the degree of vergence and accommodation needed to see an object clearly as a cue for how far away that object is. When the accommodation and vergence are drastically different from what they should be, the brain starts expending a lot of energy to reconcile the discrepancy. This results in eye fatigue, headaches, and many other discomforts for the observer.  In other words, by showing different images to each eye, VR headsets and eyewear like 3D glasses are able to show objects that require different vergence to see clearly, providing a 3D sensation, but simultaneously show this imagery with a non-changing accommodation, causing discomfort to the user.

With Multimmersion™ technology, 3D imagery is showcased in a headset-free, curved-mirror environment. Therefore, the user can view 3D content comfortably and for longer periods of time. Multimmersion™ surrounds users in a truly immersive environment with fascinating depth of detail. It also allows multiple users to enter the environment together, see the same content, and interact freely.

Here’s how Multimmersion™ Technology Works:


The 5 main benefits of Multimmersion™

The following are the main benefits of Multimmersion™:


Differentiators of Multimmersion™ include:

  • Headset-Free 3D Environment: Multimmersion™ technology creates a unique immersive experience: Users can view, manipulate and interact with 3D assets inside a headset-free environment. This experience provides new opportunities for multiple industries that are looking for innovative ways to present and share their assets.
  • A Comfortable 3D Experience: Since headsets are not required to experience 3D data, Multimmersion™ is perfectly adapted for the human brain. In other words, the headset-free environment overcomes the shortcomings of traditional immersive media goggles (i.e. isolated experience, dizziness, eye fatigue, nausea, etc.) and users can spend extended periods of time within the immersive environment.
  • Effortless Collaboration: Users can view 3D content with their own eyes, easily interact with each other and make eye contact. This makes this technology ideal for applications that require total collaboration such as real estate viewings, team trainings and design presentations.
  • A “Wow Effect”: Viewing 3D imagery reflected from the large curved mirrors is truly fascinating and creates a wow factor that is not matched from any other technology on the market. Users really feel like they are in the digital environment.
  • True Depth Perception: In using curved mirrors as Multimmersion™ technology does, viewers feel like they’re viewing objects at an accurate distance and with an accurate sense of depth. Compared to direct-projection technologies (e.g. “360 domes”, “CAVES”, etc.), Station IX offers a true 3D effect with realistic depth perception.


Multimmersion: The Origins

Multimmersion™ is a unique technology developed and patented by Imagine 4D. Fernando Petruzziello, a mechanical engineer and co-founder of Imagine 4D, wanted to find a way to offer an immersive virtual reality experience that would allow groups of people to collaborate within a 3D environment freely and comfortably.

He figured that within a headset-free 3D environment, users can spend longer periods of time training or working, be more engaged, and manipulate 3D data efficiently and collaboratively.

After years of research and development focused on optimal 3D imagery adapted to the human brain, Multimmersion™ technology was born and was implemented inside Imagine 4D’s flagship product, Station IX™: the Multimmersive Experience.

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