Buyers now have the option of being “teleported” to their future home, even before it is built, thanks to the Multimmersive Experienceᴹᴰ offered by Station IXᴹᴰ. This new Multimmersionᴹᴰ technology (advanced virtual reality technology) has been developed by Imagine 4D in Montreal, Canada. It is truly a game changer for the real estate sector.

Station IXᴹᴰ allows buyers to experience full immersion in a collaborative, headset-free 3D environment. Within this comfortable showroom suite, clients can navigate around their future home. This virtual visit allows them to discover the interior of the residence, its exterior and the surroundings. The realistic effect is amazing. This “wow” effect is one of the many benefits that Station IX™ offers the residential real estate industry.


Station IX™ offers a unique way to sell residential properties – 6 key benefits of Multimmersion™:



1. The “Wow” effect

Station IX™ is a unique technology that allows clients to experience their future, unbuilt home like never before. It is immersive, collaborative (a headset-free 3D environment), highly realistic and interactive to personalize each buyer’s experience.


2. A step ahead of the competition

If you’re looking for a way to stand out in the market and be a step ahead of your competitors, incorporating a technological innovation like Station IX™ within your business model can help you achieve this. Station IX™ can raise your company’s profile in a differentiated way and provide a memorable experience for your customers. The technology has been proven in two other market sectors and is new to the real estate world.


3. A new way to accelerate the customer decision-making process

Station IX™ “teleports” your customers into their future home and can accelerate the sale of units and even increase upselling opportunities. In addition, customizations are possible inside Station IX™ by allowing users to view custom choices in real time (e.g. cabinet colours, floor options, window placement, etc.) and know exactly how everything will look together before it is built. The realism inside this virtual showroom is truly unbeatable.


4. A truly comfortable 3D experience

Station IX™ is a type of virtual reality (VR) technology that overcomes the shortcomings of traditional VR goggle technology. In other words, our virtual showroom allows users to be fully immersed in a headset-free 3D environment and eliminates the risk of VR sickness (e.g. eye fatigue, dizziness, etc.). This is due to our proprietary technology called Multimmersion. Station IX™ creates a truly comfortable 3D experience and allows home buyers to sit back, relax and discover their future home.


5. A portable technology that will impress

Station IXᴹᴰ is a portable, virtual showroom. The structure is easily disassembled and it is possible to reassemble it at a different location within a short period of time. This innovative technology can also be used to hold marketing and public relation events for key stakeholders to explore new real estate projects. Station IX™ truly offers a “wow” effect and will surely be a main attraction at your launch events.


6. The showroom of the future

Station IX™ is ideal for real estate projects located outside of major city centers. With its “teleporting” capabilities, it is now possible to virtually visit properties in urban areas as well as remote locations within only a few minutes.  In addition, Station IX™ can be integrated inside your showroom, allowing businesses to build fewer physical showrooms and instead, attracting interested buyers to a centralized location.

To learn more about Station IX™ and experience it in person, please contact our team.