Summer 2019 has so far been an action-packed time for the Imagine 4D team, and we still have a lot of sunny months to accomplish more! Because we are always looking for ways to make our community members’ lives easier, we thought we would compile a list of our summer highlights for you to peruse.

Here is a curated list of our recent blog posts:

The VR/AR Association were kind enough to write a wonderful blog post about us. Check it out: New Immersive Environment: Station IX (VR without goggles)

Don’t feel like reading? Watch our videos for highlights instead:
  • Check out our highlight video from AIA 2019. We’ve included a time lapse clip of us building Station IX, and it turned out amazing!

  • At AIA 2019 we were lucky enough to partner with REinVR, and they created a highlight video of their own.

  • Watch one of our team members explain what Reflected Reality is and get a sneak peak inside of our display system.

Information you can take with you:

This summer we were also able to create a new and improved Station IX brochure! Download it below.

One of our highlights of the summer is our new brochure, which this image is a link to.


We hope you enjoyed our summer highlights, and if you want more content, follow Imagine 4D on LinkedIn and Twitter! You can also receive updates straight to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter: visit our Station IX website to sign up!

If you have any questions, or if you would like to visit Station IX in our Montreal office, contact us here.

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