On our blog, we post a lot about Station IX and immersive technologies’ bright future. Yet, you may still wonder if Station IX is right for your business. Or, if it can solve the industry specific problems that your business faces. Station IX’s industry applications are widespread and varied. That said, our team thought we’d highlight a few industries that Station IX serves.

Here are 4 industries that Station IX can serve:

1) Real Estate and Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (AEC)
2) Defence and Security
3) Gas & Oil 3D Exploration and Mining
4) Creative and Marketing Agencies

Inside view of Station IX, Imagine 4D's immersive display environment

Real Estate and Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (AEC)

AEC professionals need tools that help them design beautiful buildings. They also need technologies that help them tailor their designs to each investing client. Station IX serves the AEC industry by addressing these needs directly.


Users can view large, 3D datasets without the distraction of bulky head-mounted displays (Find out how here). Users can focus on perfecting designs, engaging stakeholders, and on commercialization efforts.


Perfect and modify CAD and BIM visualizations immediately in Station IX. Costly miscommunications and awkward hand-offs between teams are now avoidable.


Station IX allows users to experience unbuilt spaces. Real estate developer clients, for example, can view condo walkthroughs and form emotional attachments to places not-yet built. Thus, home-buyers and investors can make informed decisions about their future properties.

Designing and constructing the future is a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be with Station IX.

Station IX’s industry applications abound, so we take our immersive display environment to a few very different trade shows. We took Station IX , for example, all the way to the American Institute of Architecture’s  AIA 2019 in Las Vegas. Watch our highlight video to see what you missed!

Defence and Security

In keeping us safe, defence and security personnel put themselves in harm’s way. With Station IX, training and operations are safer and more cost effective.


Soldiers can familiarize themselves with their equipment and roles through simulations. Station IX helps simulate aircrafts, ground vehicles, battlefield scenarios. They can also experience dangerous situations in controlled settings. Soldiers can learn the value of teamwork and of following orders before entering hostile zones.


Station IX allows soldiers to practice medic, LVC, and sensor and weapons training. Trainees can execute combat scenarios and develop ways of reacting to unexpected events. They can also take creative risks in a safe environment and learn from their mistakes. Trainees can learn what works and what doesn’t before stepping into a dangerous space. Station IX is a safer way to train.


Training with Station IX allows leaders to track, analyze, and correct trainee behaviour. Teach weapons drills, physical training, and survival skills. Repeat and perfect these trainings to create a strong fighting unit.


We’ve built Station IX to be an indispensable tool in operational command centres and security operations centres. Intended for Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) training applications, Station IX adds value to all stand-alone and distributed training solutions. Planning and preparing future operations is now easier.

Keeping our defence and security personnel well trained and safe is one of our biggest goals. When they’re safe, we’re all safe.

Every year we take Station IX to I/ITSEC, the world’s largest modelling, simulation, and training event. Make sure to visit our booth at this year’s event, which takes place December 2-6 in Orlando, Florida.


Gas & Oil 3D Exploration and Mining

The oil and gas sector uses complex machinery in high risk scenarios often in remote areas. So, their employees must be well trained and prepared for anything.


Station IX can immerse employees in their work environments before they arrive on site. They can thus become familiar with equipment handling prior to beginning their positions. Preparing trainees before they arrive on platforms and in plants reduces risks and costly mistakes.


Collaborate and review complex data, Front End Engineering Designs (FEED-drawings), Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), and Building Information Modelling (BIM) visualizations. Station IX allows for easy interactions and facilitates seamless project handoffs.


Assess drill sites remotely and determine site feasibility before breaking ground. With Station IX, it is possible to integrate data from Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Also, you can plan drilling campaigns collaboratively.


Immersive technologies provide safe training environments that offer faster retention and higher engagement. Perform mock drill trainings and site familiarizations. Teach employees proper work environment and tool handling protocols. Iterate emergency responses. Retrain existing employees on protocols and industry changes. This ensures information uniformity across companies.

The gas and oil industry are a cornerstone of modern society. Ensuring they have the highest quality tools to train their personnel and maintain their operations is thus paramount.

Have specific questions about what Station IX is? Check out our FAQ here.

Creative and Marketing Agencies

How do you craft a compelling brand strategy? How do you tell the authentic story of a brand? You invest in innovation.


Creative agencies often help their clients tell their brand stories and showcase their high-end products or projects. For the luxury real estate market, for example, Station IX allows potential clients to be immersed in the quality and luxury of the space. Buyers can walk through unbuilt properties, become familiar with the space, and customize their future homes exactly to their tastes.


Discussing the minute details of one’s luxury product in theory with a designer is now a thing of the past. Station IX allows designers and clients to collaborate completely. Sit inside your luxury car, or whatever you’re having built, as you virtually customize it to your tastes. You’ll know exactly how each fabric, texture, and material will look because you can see it in near-retinal resolution inside Station IX.


Station IX provides ultimate viewing capabilities for cinematic VR experiences. Immerse viewers in your stories and allow them to experience them together.

Station IX can help tell the story of a brand by immersing people in it.

Picture of user inside of Station IX

Is Station IX the right fit for every business and every industry pain point? No, but no single immersive technology is a universal fit. Yet, Station IX’s industry applications are varied. It also has an ever-growing list of industry applications.

If you would like to learn more about how Station IX can serve your industry, download our brochure. Or, speak directly to a member of our team here.

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