The Imagine 4D team launched Station IX, a unique immersive display system, in early 2018. We have showcased Station IX around the world at various trade shows and are thrilled with the interest shown in our new visual system.

Check out the video below to see what Station IX is all about:

So, what is Station IX exactly? 

To put it simply, Station IX is a large immersive display system capable of providing 3D imagery to groups of people without the need for goggles or headgear of any kind. Everyone that enters the 280° dome is immersed in the same environment and can view high-value 3D content with their own eyes.

How can you see 3D imagery without goggles? 

The technology behind Station IX is Reflected Reality. Here’s what we mean by that:

Anyone who has looked at themselves in a mirror has experienced seeing an image of themselves that appears to be located behind the mirror. Those that have looked in a curved mirror, such as a funhouse mirror, may even have noticed that the apparent location of their reflection changes depending on where they look in the mirror (along with their shape).  Images that appear behind a mirror are known as virtual images.

At Imagine 4D, we have developed the tools and technology to determine the exact shape and location of the virtual image seen by a user from a curved, mirrored surface. We have used this knowledge to design a new type of display system based on reflected imagery, rather than imagery viewed directly (i.e. images projected directly on a wall or emitting light from a screen).

The result is a visual display system that appears completely three dimensional and maximizes the sense of depth for a large viewing area inside the dome. We call this Reflected Reality.

Who can use Station IX?

Station IX is a collaborative virtual environment that can accommodate multiple users. Since there are no headsets required to view the 3D data, users can easily interact with each other in situations where eye contact is required. This makes Station IX ideal for collaborative design reviews, high-value training purposes and virtual luxury product showrooms.

Here are a few examples of Station IX industry applications:

  • Defense & Security: Command Centers / Military Control Rooms, Security Operations Centers, Future Operations & Planning;
  • Simulation & Training: Civil Aviation (i.e. Aircraft maintenance training, cabin crew training and airport operations), Nuclear Power Plant Operations, Emergency Training (i.e. Site familiarization, emergency procedures training);
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction: Architectural and engineering visualizations, virtual site visits, CAD & BIM visualizations;
  • Luxury Market: Virtual showroom for custom aircrafts, automobiles and yachts, as well as luxury real estate tours.

The possibilities are endless.

Station IX is compatible with many different rendering engines, including Unity and Unreal, and can be easily adopted to work with any content already in use.

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