The average person sleeps about 2920 hours a year, and so correct mattress firmness and pillow thickness are frequent debates people have with friends and family. The average person also works about 2080 hours a year. Are we as aware of the tools being developed to improve on efficiency as we are about the woes of a bad mattress? Are decision makers embracing innovation and integrating extended reality technologies into their businesses? We previously explored four of Station IX’s industry applications because we wanted to give our readers a clear idea of how Station IX can help businesses improve their daily operations, and make them safer and easier. Our team thought we’d continue the conversation with another industry example: the power generation and marine markets.

As quality content for the enterprise sector is created, our community becomes increasingly dependent on tools that can expertly display this content. There are many tools that can help businesses with their displaying needs. Station IX, our 3D display environment, is one highly effective option.

Station IX, an immersive 3D display environment

Users can view near-retinal resolution without wearing bulky headsets. Thus, collaboration becomes the main focus in Station IX. Rather than focusing on the physical discomfort associated with VR head-mounted displays, users can instead focus on minimizing risks and improving project outcomes. In Station IX, viewers are completely immersed in a virtual world they themselves have created.

In a 2018 Perkins Coie study, the authors noted the growing diversification of the VR and AR markets. This study noted that 39% of content creators were developing video game content. In fact, the VR video game market could reach $22.9 USD by 2020. This is only part of the whole picture. Indeed, 35% of creators were developing extended reality content for non-entertainment industries. Enterprises demand nearly the same amount of VR/AR content as the gaming industry does. Extended reality applications reach far beyond entertainment. In fact, these creators are developing content for industries like real estate, architecture, and engineering.

So how does Station IX serve the power generation and marine markets’ VR/AR needs?

Power Generation and Marine Markets’ Applications

Station IX has many applications in the power generation and marine markets. These applications can be broken down into three categories:

Plan, Design, and Conceptualize
  •  Planning ship modernizations
  • Planning plant outages
  • Conceptualizing and designing new ships/plants
  • Emergency planning (identify, evaluate, and react)
  • Planning procedures to protect industrial divers
  • Comprehensively designing safe, long-term used fuel management
  • Decommissioning end-of-life ships/plants
  • Deep Geologic Repository planning
Train and Raise Awareness
  • Mock drill training
  • Training employees and contractors in a team setting
  • Practicing complex equipment manipulations to reduce actual equipment downtime
  • Reducing radiation exposure by training in a simulated environment
  • Familiarization with tools, environment, and way of life
  • High impact visitor centres/public awareness
Operations and Maintenance
  • Saving time on plant walk-downs
  • Immersive visualizing and managing of hazardous tasks
  • Rapidly visualizing complex equipment and tasks for effective peer reviews and troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive nuclear facility monitoring
  • Improving fleet management

Station IX serves as a tool for the power generation and marine markets. An open view of Station IX.

Power Generation and Marine Markets’ Station IX Users

Just as there are many applications, there are also many potential users of Station IX in the power generation and marine markets:

  • Ship designers and builders
  • Architects
  • Planners
  • Engineers
  • Project managers
  • Owners/operators of naval vessels
  • Owners/operators of power plants
  • Training centers
  • Innovation centres

How Station IX is Already Involved ?

In February 2019, Imagine 4D began a partnership with a subsidiary of L3Harris in Montreal, L3 MAPPS Inc. They are a leading worldwide supplier of control and simulation solutions for the marine and power markets. L3 technologies now offers an OEM version of Station IX, known as Orchid IX. Through this partnership, Station IX has already begun to serve this industry.

With Station IX, immersive technology is brought beyond the limits of the entertainment industry. The applications of extended reality are wide reaching and they have the potential to change how industry operates.

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