The tech industry has often evolved at a breakneck speed, and businesses have had to grow accordingly to keep up with this pace. Through this transformation, it’s easy to lose sight of who a company is and what its purpose is. That’s why we at Imagine 4D thought it was important to explain our background, what we offer, and our hopes for the future. We want to make sure you know who we are and hopefully trust us enough to be a part of our growing community.

Imagine 4D was founded in 2015 and is a Montreal-based technology company specializing in providing realistic and immersive virtual simulation and visualization solutions. We also have a US veteran-owned branch based in Austin, Texas, designed to serve the American military market. If you want to learn more about our leadership team, click here to check out Imagine 4D’s About Us page.

We offer two solutions for which we are very proud.

Station IX launched in early 2018 and is an immersive 3D display environment designed to provide the most realistic and collaborative training and visualizations available.

A picture of Station IX, created by Imagine 4D, with three people working collaboratively

Station IX

I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to note the immediate visceral impact of this dome; Station IX is truly breath-taking upon first encounter. Through the use of large curved mirrors, Imagine 4D can display 3D content without headsets and goggles. All users are immersed in the same environment and can view high-value 3D content with their own eyes. We call this Reflected Reality. This object evokes words like substantial and quality, and reminds those that use the dome, that the future is here.

Learn more about our unique technology here.

Our second solution is Simthetiq, which Imagine 4D partners with and resells for. Founded in 2005, they bring together a team of experienced professionals in the training and simulation field to serve the civil aviation and defence markets. This team offers a vast inventory of visual 3D content.

A 3D model of a Mi-28 "Havoc" helicopter created by Simthetiq

Mi-28 “Havoc”– A 3D model from Simthetiq’s content library

For the defence market, Simthetiq provides one of the largest mission-ready, simulation entity libraries to major corporations and governments around the world.

For the civil aviation market, we offer a proprietary and level D compliant image generator, the X2 Visual System, and offer an extensive library of high-quality airports and 3D entity models.

Both our products are adaptable and flexible. Designed as an open architecture, Station IX comes with a full-featured SDK combined with plug and play support for any game engine/image generator content. The Imagine 4D team can also integrate and convert your existing 3D content and make it Station IX-ready.

Simthetiq has the capability of running its 3D models and synthetic environments on all industry image generators, serious gaming platforms, and simulation protocols. We can also develop customized 3D models and synthetic terrains based on your needs.

It thrilled Imagine 4D in February 2019 to begin a partnership with L3 Technologies who is a leading world-wide supplier of control and simulation solutions for the marine and power markets. L3 Technologies now offers an OEM version of Station IX, known as Orchid IX.

Maintaining a strong connection with the people we serve and the quality for which we strive is paramount to us. We promise to continue to grow and learn so we can continuously provide the most immersive solutions on the market.

Our team will continue to work hard so that your team doesn’t have to.

We would love to hear from you, so drop us a comment below, or reach out to us on Twitter.


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