Built to facilitate construction and design reviews, Station IX is an immersive dome capable of providing 3D imagery in a collaborative environment. Through the use of mirrors and the creation of reflected reality, this immersive 3D space allows for shared virtual reality and mixed reality scenarios.

Station IX has a variety of applications across several industries. Within architecture and construction, it can work as a tool for project management and sales demonstrations.


  • Station IX allows you to present design options to clients in true-to-life walkthroughs and site visits. The truly immersive environment allows you to showcase your products in high-fidelity and strengthen stakeholder engagement.
  • Manage your facilities and assets.
  • Experience unbuilt spaces before breaking ground and avoid costly miscommunications. Station IX supports architectural, CAD, and BIM visualizations so that you can design, review, and build better together.


We can process and convert the content you have worked so hard to create, or we can help to develop the 3D world for you. Either way, we promise you a full immersion experience like never before.

  • We can convert your 3D models, BIM content, and CAD files from software like Revit, SketchUp, and Rhino.

Features and Benefits

  • View large 3D datasets at a glance, or manipulate projects in real-time.
  • Without the need for headgear, unencumbered design reviews are possible and project risks are minimized. Team focus is thus shifted from risk to collaboration and productivity.
  • Station IX can support up to 10 users at a time with its flexible client showroom.
  • Take advantage of 280 by 32 degrees field-of-view and Station IX’s ability to readily scale to 360 degrees.
  • Experience high-fidelity imagery with near retinal resolution (17,920 by 1,600).

Station IX allows you to design the future and build it more easily.

To learn more about Station IX’s available formats, or about Imagine 4D more generally, download our brochure!





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